The Complete Premier League Preview

Will Chelsea retain their title? Will Pogba and Lukaku lift United back into the top 4? Will any of the newly-promoted teams dodge the drop? I give my thoughts on the upcoming season and how I see the table panning out.

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France’s Globalisation Reluctance

France’s difficulty accepting the ever-growing phenomenon globalisation is hardly a hidden facet of France’s political outlook, yet it found itself well and truly brought to the fore during the 2017 Presidential election campaign. So what are the real reasons for this French resistance to globalisation?

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On the brink of greatness – Is Ligue 1 the most frustrating league in the world?

Seemingly always in the shadow of its European neighbours, the French domestic league has for many years suffered from an image of apparent inferiority compared to its German, English, Spanish, and Italian counterparts. Yet the 2016/17 season has showed glimpses that there may be some life left in Ligue 1…seemingly so close to reaching the same status of its European rivals, yet, at the same time, so far…

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